Jeff Yeomans is a native Californian, born in 1954 and raised in a family that encouraged his interest in art. Initially a muralist, illustrator and graphic designer, his art career includes a decade in public television as an award-winning art director in San Diego.

jeffheadtinySince 2002, paint has become his preferred medium, and incorporating influences of both past and contemporary artists, he creates unique perspectives that capture glimpses of our daily experiences. A visual journal of light, color and form, he explores the fragile beauty of California and the growth and connected urban landscape, that impact it.

“As a regional painter, I feel a responsibility to document California today, in the same way the early California painters did in their era. I enjoy painting landscapes, especially when they increase our awareness of the value of open space and nature. I also hope that a study of an older neighborhood, of people working, or of Spanish dancers or low-riders at a car show, all bring a respect to, and celebrate the diversity of the region.”

Praise the Lowered 24x48

Praise the Lowered 24×48

Yeomans cites numerous artists who have influenced his work, from Gustav Klimpt and Joaquin Sorolla, to Edgar Payne, William Wendt, Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Theibaud. Workshops with Ken Auster, John Cosby, Sebastian Capella and Ray Roberts, have also helped inform his work and challenge his approach to what he paints — and why.

Other important mentors in my life have been:

  • My father Dave (do your best) and mother Lyn (follow your heart)
  • My sister Ellen (who is a Santa Barbara painter)
  • My high school art teacher, Linda Stevens and her husband John (still wonderful friends!)
  • Pauline Tracy (family friend and edgy artist, funny and smart, ahead of her time.)
  • Ruben Heredia illustration professor (at Rio Hondo Community College)
  • Ron Coviello, Art Director at KPBS TV-FM
  • John Eagle, Laguna Beach artist
  • Jean Stern, Director of the Irvine Museum