6 San Diego Painters You Should Know.

San Diego has been home to exceptional artists in the past (Maurice Braun, Charles Fries, Alfred Mitchell, etc), and I feel there are at least a dozen that are currently doing work that deserves your attention. They have unique styles, consistently win awards, and I'm embracing the opportunity to be guest-curating an exhibition where you can see multiple examples of these 5 painters work, all in one place and affordably priced. Carolyn Hesse-Low, Rita Pacheco, Raye Anne Marks, Toni Williams and Danny Greigo are exceptional regional artists whose work reflects contemporary San Diego. La Playa Books in Point Loma is a local business passionate about promoting art and literature in our community. Their "Sunday Art Afternoons" are casual events that bring the local community together. Their staff's personal approach to finding books their customers want (especially art books!) truly helps them stand apart. "La Playa Vida" is an upcoming showcase of these 5 painter's recent work exploring "the beach life." Harbor views, Point Loma neighborhoods, all things nautical and the unique light of the region, bring together the work of this exceptional group of painters on Sunday, Sept. 10 from 2-5pm.

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