First Impressions: The Jimmy Buffet of Painting

As I'm preparing for the San Diego Festival of Art this weekend it reminded me of the interesting people that prove the saying "Never a dull moment." I was showing work at an art festival in Laguna, and an attractive group of ladies, walked into my booth and exclaimed "Wow, you're the Jimmy Buffet of painting!"   If you don't know my work, I paint California beach scenes and surf culture. This comment made me laugh at the time and I've never forgotten it. It was her absolute first impression of what I do. Now I like Jimmy B., especially his business sense. He's an author, father, pilot and (now) a playwright and seems to live the good life. His play "Margaritaville" is even premiering here in San Diego right now. But as time goes by, I've thought about that comment and the stereotypes we create about ourselves and others. I know I can't change that lady's first impression of my work, but in a way, I think my work could have a broader context because I like to paint a lot of different subjects. Chefs, kids, night scenes, urban landscapes -- they're all compelling to me. So the songwriters I'd rather be compared to are people who's songs have more meaning to me. Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell are people who continually inspire me and are the people I never tire of listening to when I paint. "Like a Rolling Stone", "Imagine" , "The Pretender" and "Court and Spark" are a better example of what keeps me painting. As Edward Hopper said "If I could say it with words I wouldn't need to paint." Come enjoy the SD Festival of Art this weekend, June 10-11 at the Embarcadero along Harbor Drive. The event proceeds benefit San Diego's disabled community. Tickets are 50% off if you go online this week and enter the promo code "ARTIST" Booth #401-402

4 thoughts on “First Impressions: The Jimmy Buffet of Painting

  1. Awesome story Jeff! Now that we know your playlist, we may need to have another trip to Baja, the margaritas were very smooth and the company was stellar:) Hope to see you at the Festival, this weekend, Hector and I will look for you. I will try to not step on a pop top, with my flip flop, Jody

    • Jody- I miss you guys, still want to come by the cafe and reboot for the next Baja trip! We sure had a memorable time. Thanks for all the laughs…

  2. love Point Loma,you captured it’s essence,was stationed at liberty Station many years ago,but love the area!

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