Cruise Control

cruising 6x6" $100 oil on gessoed panel

cruising 6x6" $100
oil on gessoed panel

Take a moment to let the forces of nature take over. It's a cliche but "go with the flow" is part of letting life happen, especially when you have little or no control of a situation. Take a casual approach now and then, life is short, enjoy the ride.

2 thoughts on “Cruise Control

  1. I just shared your website on my Facebook page and there was a huge response to your fabulous work. My cousin is interested in the surfer painting, cruise control, is it still available? Wonderful work!

    • Nancy-

      Thank you so much for sharing my website with your friends. I’m really finding new inspiration from working small. That painting sold pretty quickly, (to a high school surfing buddy!) but I have others. Check out and search for my name. Maybe there’s another one your cousin will like. And I’m trying to post a new one every day. (Just not in that groove quite yet.

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